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We offer a sensational and absolutely enchanting experience! Listen to music, sounds, smells or tastes perceived in total darkness.

Public Concerts

Feel the music with intensity.
In a complete dark environment, where I have no information in advance on the setting, I would probably hear sounds, voices, tone and music with deeper intensity.

My eyes are open but I won't see anything.

The concert takes place in a complete dark environment. Blind doormen will guide the listeners into the concert hall to their seat.

In this scenario all participants won't be able to see each other, with any sense of orientation and they also won’t see the musicians.

During the entry in different multiple spots, delicate sound of bells will be heard. Any direction source won't be perceived for a disorienting purpose. This gives people the ability to open up emotionally.

Corporate Events

Are you looking for an unusual setting for the presentation of a new watch or an innovative car model? Further it is a truly unusual experience and unique setting for your workshop, business event, tasting or an amazing presentation of products!

Our concept idea "Event in the dark" would adapt beautifully to a surprising tasting or product presentation!

Do you wish to strongly impress your clients with a noble wine, a matured brandy or a special dish?

Then "Event in the dark" may be just the right thing for you! We want to create a background in which your clients will experience an unlimited feeling for your product!

The sensory atmosphere is accentuated by exciting instrument sounds played by live musicians. A surprising experience which will be indelible in the memory of your customers!

Concerts / Events

  • public concerts

  • lection / play readings

  • school meeting

  • presentation of products

  • tasting

  • business event / team day

  • Surprise, deep sensory experience which will be indelible in the memory of your customers are assured!
  • A higher feeling towards rumours, sounds and music – without any visual references and so without any distraction.
  • And at the very end, the secret will be revealed and the room will be illuminated.
  • The tactile contact will help your guests to guess the features of your new products in the dark.
  • The choice of instruments and music is expressly made to combine sounds, which cannot be immediately analysed and perceived. The regular listening sense will change completely.
  • Your guests will taste fine foods or beverages in complete darkness

Concerts in the Dark

Listen to music and sounds in total darkness. A truly unusual experience, in a unique setting!

live performances



  • Schweiz Tourismus - London

    Swiss Embassy - Dehli

    Triennale Yokohama - JPN

    Swiss Embassy - Pristina, Kosovo

    Swiss Embassy - Madagaskar

    Midem - Cannes

    Swiss Airlines - London

    Società Svizzera, - Milano

    Swiss Embassy - Port au Prince

    Schweiz Tourismus - Bruxel

    Swiss Embassy - Tokio

    Blue Frog - Mumbai

  • Unitas - Ticino

    Mettler Toledo- Zürich

    La Roche - Basel

    Uto Kulm, Zürich

    Home Instead - Zürich

    Schweizerischen Blindenbundes

    Swiss Embassy -

    Rihad KSA (Saudi Arabia)

    Swiss Office -

    Cairo EGY (Egypt)



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Event in the Dark
An absolutely first-class listening experience

In a complete dark environment, where I have no information in advance about, I feel rumours, sounds, voices, tone and music with probably the same intense sensitivity like blind persons do.


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